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Killpen Horses At Risk!

End of the Line Placement
End of the Line Placement, in Harmony, Pennsylvania.

Killpen, Bastrop, LA
Cranbury, New Jersey.

Killpen, Bowie Texas
Cranbury, New Jersey.

KILLPEN in Lebanon, PA
Moore's Rescue PA

KILLPEN in Canada (NYNE)
Ottawa, Ontario : 819-986-3963

KILLPEN - Washington
Washington & Oregon -

KILLPEN - Oklahoma
Edmond, Oklahoma

Kaufman County, TX
Kaufman Killpen

Micro-Rescue Program

Our Micro-Rescue Program is designed to help individuals who want to rescue horses. If you have room in your heart, space in your barn, and experienced with horses; ERN will provide funds to help you help a horse in need. Become a pre-approved home, so the next time you are at a horse auction, together we can outbid a killbuyer. To become approved email:

ERN's Auction Fund

Why wait until a horse is owned by a killbuyer? ERN's auction fund is used by approved homes at horse auctions to outbid the killbuyers. If you don't have an room in your barn, but have room in your heart to help a horse: DONATE to ERN's Auction Fund!

Microchip Protection

The Equine Rescue Network (ERN) works to protect horses from at-risk scenarios including: slaughter, neglect, abandonment, natural disasters and theft. If an at-risk horse scans 'positive' for a microchip, Animal Control Officers, rescuers and volunteers know to call a 24 Hour Hotline (800-434-2843). ERN then gets involved to help manage the rescue/recovery of that horse. Further, ERN has purchased and distributed scanners to individuals and volunteers who scan slaughter-bound and auction horses. We are in partnership with


Auction Horse Rescues

Horses at Camelot
Cranbury, New Jersey.

SugarCreek, Ohio
SugarCreek, Ohio