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#DonkeyDerby ~ Attire, Schedule and Controlled Chaos


The Donkey Derby is now only days away.  We are fairly overly organized, but since we are organizing donkeys – the bar is low and we are just hoping for Organized-Choas….the donkeys are so cute and wonderful, the day will be fun regardless of how organized or disorganized we are.


While most people are watching the category 5 hurricane closing in on Miami, I am busy watching the weather in Hamilton.  Currently, it is ‘Partly Sunny and 68’ but it is subject to change.


Dress according to the weather. However, proper ‘Derby Attire’ Attire is recommended for VIP guests.  If you don’t know what to wear, the Fashionistas describe autumn race attire as: “too fun for the office, yet to conservative for dinner” – Derby Hats, Tweeds, Equestrian Attire, and Costumes are encouraged….yet if you don’t feel inspired to dress up to chase donkeys all afternoon, then jeans are appropriate too.


  1. The gates open at 1:30 
  2. 2:00 is the Pin the Tail on the Donkey race (see bel0w).
  3.  At 2:15 we will have the “Opening Ceremony” in which all the competitive donkeys will parade in front of the crowd and Kristen Fuller and Indigo will ride to the National Anthem
  4. 2:30 Pin the Tail runners will start to finish their race
  5. The races will then proceed as follows:
  •          –  Minature Donkey Race
  •          –  Minature Horse Race
  •          –  Standard Donkey Race
  •          –  Minature Steeplechase
  •          –  Open Steeplechase
  •          –  Corporate Race
  •           –  Mule Race

ALL RACES ARE TWO PERSON TEAMS: One to lead with a bucket of grain, the other to chase with a plastic fly swatter. The donkeys do not kick and are fairly trained at this point to trot along nicely – however, they are donkeys and would therefore prefer to eat grass (hence the need for a fly swatter).

WE ADDED AN OBSTACLE COURSE – open to all.  One person and one donkey will navigate the course at a time.  Each competitor will have on “LifeLine” call if they get stuck on an obstacle.  A Lifeline call will allow them to get help from an additional person for 50 seconds.  Once the 50 seconds has been reached, the lifeline must leave the course.  There is a maximum time limit to complete the obstacle course.   This course is designed to be challenging because donkeys are perfectly willing to accommodate your requests UNTIL you are in a hurry.  Then the ‘stubborn’ as a mule comes out…..

RACE A RESCUE – If you are planning to “RACE A RESCUE” make sure you have either signed up at www.EquineRescueNetwork.com or contact Janine at jj@JanineJacques.com.


There is a designated VIP parking area, and lunch and spirits will be waiting for you UNDER THE MYOPIA red and yellow tent.Myopia Polo Tent,Donkey Derby


If you are coming with young children, it is highly recommended that the distance between you and your child be no more than the child’s age.  Therefore, if your child is six years old, then make sure your child is less than six feet from you at all times. 


starts promptly at 2:00pm.  This race will send runners off in the woods for a 3.4 mile “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” race.  The runners will run holding a felt donkey tail and will race to the finishline where they will affix the tail on the large board with a donkey drawn that is missing the tail.  The person who reaches the finish and affixes their tail first WINS.


Can tickets be purchased at the gate? Is there early entry for those of us that wish to have a tail gate gathering? I have asked these questions prior to this and not had a response as of yet. Thanks and good luck with the success of the derby.

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