Selling your horse

  • Horses posted on Craigslist for free are at risk of slaughter

Horses sold at auction for under $600 are at risk of slaughter (depending on size)
Horses given or sold to a horse broker/dealer for under $600 are at risk of slaughter
It costs between $300 and $500 to euthanize and dispose of an unwanted horse.


If the market value for a horse is low, then they are at a higher the risk for slaughter.
If a horse is priced at $500 or less (given most horses weigh 1000lbs) then it is profitable to send that horse to slaughter.Horses don’t always work out in every home. Things changes, children outgrow ponies, interests change and financial circumstances change. Use the ERN to help do the right thing for your horse. First, visit and enter an ad. When a home appears, download our free template for a Transfer Ownership Template which will help you control what happens to your horse after s/he is rehomed.

An actual QUOTE from a KillBuyer:

“I mop up. I clean up the mess left by morons who just have to breed their mare. A few years later no one wants the baby anymore, so I come in to mop up. How come you never write about those morons who just have to breed their mare? Every spring I send dozens of mares and new foals to the meat plant. And every spring there are idiots breeding more babies. All of your do right for horses cause they built America is crap. The only way to do right for horses is to stop breeding them.”