Equine Rescue Network Micro-Rescue Program

The goal of the Micro-Rescue program is for individuals to save horses, one horse at a time.

 The Equine Rescue Network (ERN) is an electronic network of equine advocates working together to help slaughter-bound, neglected, abandoned, lost/stolen/missing horses in the USA.  We have helped hundreds of horses.  Over time we have learned the following lessons:

~  Despite best efforts and good intentions, “forever homes” are a rarity.

~  An unwanted horse’s best chance for a secure future is to find an individual that is willing to rehabilitate and retrain so the horse is valuable and wanted in the horse community.

That is where MICRORESCUERS come in….ERN’s goal is to continue to find responsible equestrians who will take in a rescue horse, rehab, retrain and rehome responsibly.  ERN will help provide funds to MicroRescuers to get you started rescuing.

While MicroRescuers may receive fund to help purchase an at-risk horse, we all know that NO HORSE IS FREE.  The ongoing expense of care, feed and maintenance of a horse will fall on the MicroRescuers.  In the end, MicroRescuers are able to sell their rescues responsibly, with a contract and for a profit.  The MORE time and training you put in, the MORE valuable the horse which means the LESS likely that horse will fall back into the slaughter pipeline.

All horses sold must be sold responsibly – with contract – and a microchip.


~  The importance of responsible rehoming; which includes microchipping and a contract with no slaughter/no auction clause

ERN’s Micro-Rescue Program is designed to help individuals who want to rescue horses. If you have room in your heart, space in your barn, and experience with horses; ERN will provide funds to help you help a horse in need.  With so many USA equine rescue barns overflowing with horses, individual homes that are willing to rescue, rehabilitate, and retrain are essential to the welfare unwanted horses.  Our Micro-Rescue program is aimed to empower those capable horseman/horsewoman who want to make a critical difference for one horse.

The first part of the approval process is making sure that you are ready to make a commitment and take on the responsibilities associated with rescuing a horse.

To begin, please visit the ERN site, and follow the links under Micro-Rescue.  Make sure you read the following links thoroughly:

~  How to Rescue

~  USA Auctions

~  Transporting Your Rescue

~  Since all horses rescued through this program are required to be microchipped and registered.  Learn more at [Microchipping Your Rescue]

If you decide that you have the ability, both financial and emotionally to become an ERN approved home, download and fill out the Home Approval Questionnaire. Please include a few photos of your facility, such as pasture and stalls, or the interior of your barn. Send the application back to info@equinerescuenetwork.com

Thank you so much for your interest!

Krystal Minich

Director, ERN Micro Rescue