Rescue. Adopt. Love

The Equine Rescue Network (ERN) is an electronic network of equine advocates working together to help slaughter-bound, neglected, abandoned, lost/stolen/missing horses in the USA.  We have helped hundreds of horses.  Over time we have learned the following lessons

ERN’s Micro-Rescue Program is designed to help individuals who want to rescue horses. If you have room in your heart, space in your barn, and experience with horses; ERN will provide funds to help you help a horse in need.  With so many USA equine rescue barns overflowing with horses.

See a list of the various horse auctions that killbuyers, horse dealers and rescue organizations attend. Larger kill auctions will have kill buyers, smaller auctions will have dealers who will go from auction to auction to pick up enough horses fill a load for a contract or kill buyer, or to resell at larger auctions, usually at a profit.

Fill out ERN’s form to become a MicroRescuer.  This is required whenever ERN raises funds for a horse, donkey or mule that is then adopted by a Microrescuer.  Basically anytime ERN spends money on an equine, we want to ensure it goes to a home that is capable of rehab, retraining and rehoming responsibly.  We don’t care if you sell for a profit – as long as the horse is rehomed responsibly with a no-slaughter/no-auction policy.  Visit our [Selling Responsibly] for more information.

If you are a MicroRescuer, you may receive one or more equines.  Every time you take in a new rescue, ERN needs to record where every horse, donkey or mule goes.  So this form is used for our internal tracking.   If you are rescuing through ERN please remember always to send pictures back ( and to microchip your horse before you responsibly rehome.